GUEST FEATURE: Kevin Chapman (Head Strength Coach & Holistic Nutritionist)

Kevin Chapman

Warm welcome and big thank-you to Kevin Chapman for joining us on A Teaspoon of Bliss! Kevin has a vast variety of sports experience and nutrition knowledge which he will be sharing with us throughout future posts! Woohoo!
So today, I asked Kevin to give you all a little background about himself. 

 I am very excited that Brooke has reached out and invited me to contribute to her blog. I am a fan Brooke’s work and all of you that follow her are learning from a bright up and coming mind in the health and wellness industry.

Building the Complete Athlete through Training Nutrition and Recovery:

My Background:

  • Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Elite Training Systems
  • Head Strength and Conditioning Coach Oshawa Generals Hockey Club
  • Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at the University of Ontario
  • Registered Holistic Nutritionist
  • Athletes and clients I work with: NHL, MLB, CFL, CHL, NCAA, OLYMPIC, amateur athletes, active adults and people new to training

I have been a strength coach for just over six years and I don’t see myself doing anything else. I am very fortunate to work with a great team of people at ETS and every day I am able to make a positive impact in all of my client’s lives.

The way I approach training is very detailed and specific to the client’s individual needs. There is no such thing as a one size fits all approach to training. What works for me may not work for you. It is important that people understand this idea. There are 3 main things I Look at when designing a program for a client:

  1. The persons nutrition and lifestyle
  2. The persons training age and injury history
  3. The information I gather after I do my assessment so that I can establish a baseline of what the client is physically ready to do in the weight room.

Once I gather this information I am able to put together a training and wellness plan that best suits the clients own needs.

What is the difference between training and working out?

Training is specific. Whether you are a pro athlete, an active adult or someone who is brand new to training there always needs to be measurable goals set and met. I would never train a beginner the way I train a professional athlete; they physically aren’t ready for it, I put them at risk of injury and I am setting them up to fail. A well designed program needs to be skill specific and progressive. Once you reach your first set of goals we reassess and progress to the next step.

Working out is random. Working out is just moving around and sweating. I would never be upset with anyone who is being active and moving. It beats sitting on the couch with a bag of chips. However, I am a firm believer in having a goal and purpose in the weight room. If you don’t have a plan then results become increasingly harder to attain.

Look out for my next addition to Brooke’s blog!

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