Coconut Water – Go for UNOCO!


Coconut water is a great way to hydrate before and after a workout or throughout your regular daily lifestyle! It is a much healthier alternative to a sports drink if you are choosing the right brand.

Some coconut water companies add sugars, preservatives, and other miscellaneous ingredients to their coconut water. Many also go through pasteurization for preservation which destroys many of the nutrients due to the heat treatment.

UNOCO raw coconut water is by far my favourite in taste and nutritional content. Unlike the other brands, it goes through high pressure processing applications (cold-water pressure) for preservation… NOT HEAT. Therefore, it is raw, maintains its nutritional content, antioxidants, pink color, and is absolutely DELICIOUS. If you are a coconut water drinker… you will definitely notice a difference between UNOCO’s raw coconut water versus many other pasteurized brands.

When we sweat we lose many electrolytes. This is why many athletes turn to sports drinks, like Gatorade. Coconut water is a much healthier alternative hydrator and electrolyte replacer versus the commonly marketed sports drinks.

UNOCO’s 250mL bottle has 460mg of potassium (Compared to a banana containing ~422mg of potassium). After a workout this a great way to hydrate and replace that electrolyte to prevent muscle cramping. UNOCO also has NO added ingredients. It’s just as if you cracked open a coconut at this beach and took a drink. Check out their website:
You can also follow their Canadian account on twitter: unocodrinksCAN and instagram: unocodrinkscanada

….. Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and staying hydrated in this hot hot weather. When you get the chance buy UNOCO! You must try it 🙂

Published by Brooke Bliss, BScFN, RYT-500

My name is Brooke Bliss. I am a yogi, traveller, and food enthusiast. I am a graduate of Western University's B.Sc. Honors Nutrition & Dietetics program and a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. I love to share my healthy, whole-food recipes, nutrition facts, yoga and lifestyle tips. Thank you for stopping by my page. Namaste :)

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