Bananas for BANANAS!


Bananas are an awesome grab-n-go snack, electrolyte replacement after a sweaty workout, a great flavour ingredient to make muffins or banana bread ….etc!

As I am sure you have already heard, bananas are very well known for their large potassium content. One medium sized banana contains 422 mg of potassium. Potassium is an electrolyte that is crucial to our hearts functioning. Potassium helps maintain cardiac stabilization. This electrolyte is also lost in sweat… that is why it is a great idea to have a banana after a sweaty workout to replenish what you have lost.

Bananas also contain a small amount of soluble fibre. Soluble fibres plays an important role in digestive health. One medium sized banana contains 0.7 g soluble fibre. Although this may not be huge… every bit counts! Soluble fibre can help lower blood cholesterol levels, manage diarrhea, create a healthier colon by increasing the amount of healthy bacteria in our digestive tract.

One banana also has 0.46 mg of Vitamin B6. Vitamin B6 is needed to make and use protein and glycogen within our bodies. Therefore, B6 is very important if you an active individual. Your muscle synthesis, muscle development, and energy to perform activities will be impaired if you are not consuming enough Vitamin B6 in your diet! (Other food sources of vitamin B6: sweet potatoes, white potatoes, tuna, salmon, pistachios, etc). Vitamin B6 is a large contributor to the formulation of Hemoglobin, which carries red blood cells throughout your body.
For more information on Vitamin B6 visit Dietitians of Canada: CLICK HERE

Below are some of my Banana Recipes: 
Chocolate Banana Chia Muffins
Wholesome Banana Bread (Dairy-Free)
Banana Mango Matcha Smoothie

Fortunately, I have no problems getting bananas in Laos. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. As you can see from the photo in my blog post. Bananas line the streets everywhere. The small miniature bananas are more popular here. They are slow-grilled on the side of the street for you to purchase. It is my new fav snack! The slow grilling of the bananas makes them warm and almost dough-like. You must try grilling the mini bananas on your bbq at home. On low, rotate the bananas, until they are browning… then enjoy 🙂

grilled banana

Until next time.



Published by Brooke Bliss, BScFN, RYT-500

My name is Brooke Bliss. I am a yogi, traveller, and food enthusiast. I am a graduate of Western University's B.Sc. Honors Nutrition & Dietetics program and a 500-hour certified yoga teacher. I love to share my healthy, whole-food recipes, nutrition facts, yoga and lifestyle tips. Thank you for stopping by my page. Namaste :)

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