Coconut Water – Go for UNOCO!

Coconut water is a great way to hydrate before and after a workout or throughout your regular daily lifestyle! It is a much healthier alternative to a sports drink if you are choosing the right brand. Some coconut water companies add sugars, preservatives, and other miscellaneous ingredients to their coconut water. Many also go throughContinue reading “Coconut Water – Go for UNOCO!”

GUEST FEATURE: Kevin Chapman (Head Strength Coach & Holistic Nutritionist)

Warm welcome and big thank-you to Kevin Chapman for joining us on A Teaspoon of Bliss! Kevin has a vast variety of sports experience and nutrition knowledge which he will be sharing with us throughout future posts! Woohoo! So today, I asked Kevin to give you all a little background about himself.   I am very excitedContinue reading “GUEST FEATURE: Kevin Chapman (Head Strength Coach & Holistic Nutritionist)”

RunSafe App & A Teaspoon of Bliss

Hello there followers…and HAPPY FRIDAY! I had the opportunity to connect with RunSafe, an app and business designed to better the running community this past week. If you have never heard of this app, it is definitely something you should check out. Whether you are an outdoor runner, biker, hiker, etc, it is an amazingContinue reading “RunSafe App & A Teaspoon of Bliss”

Pump Up the Protein in your Smoothies

Here’s a list of my go to ingredients to add into my morning smoothies. Greek yogurt is always my first choice of protein. As you can see almond milk didn’t make the cut. A common misconception is for athletes and active individuals to cut cow’s milk from their diet and choose almond milk instead. Cow’sContinue reading “Pump Up the Protein in your Smoothies”

10 Must-Haves in my Nutritional Lifestyle

I created a list of 10 foods that I always try to incorporate into my lifestyle as they have substantial nutrient content and benefits to health. 1. Oats: Are high in soluble fiber and may improve cholesterol (create a sticky ball within your digestive system, trapping cholesterol, removing it from the body). Also, oats areContinue reading “10 Must-Haves in my Nutritional Lifestyle”

Blueberry Oat Protein Pancakes

Mix in a bowl: 1 banana, mashed 2/3 cup quick oats 1 heaping tsp of cinnamon 2 tbsp egg whites (or 1 egg) 1 scoop (10g) protein powder of choice (I used plain SunWarrior protein) and…as many blueberries as you desire 😉 Directions: 1. Mash up the banana. 2. Combine rest of ingredients in aContinue reading “Blueberry Oat Protein Pancakes”

Double Chocolate Chip Protein Bliss Bites

OHHH BABY! Anything chocolate gets me extremely excited…. and these are so good and guilt-free. Perfect as an on the go, satisfying pick-me-up snack during your day.   Ingredients:  1/2 cup dates, pitted 1/4 cup natural almond butter 1 1/4 cup almond flour 1 tbsp cocoa powder 10g protein powder (I used SunWarrior natural raw/veganContinue reading “Double Chocolate Chip Protein Bliss Bites”

Eat Well, Feel Well.

Motivation Friday!!! Up and at em followers 🙂 This photo couldn’t be more true! Changing your nutritional lifestyle can really impact how you feel. It can boost your self esteem, release endorphins, improve body functions, improve your workouts and leave you happier overall. Keep working hard! Nutrition is a lifestyle and I promise you onceContinue reading “Eat Well, Feel Well.”