Vinyasa Flow: Combining various postures (asanas) together that allow you to flow from one position to another, seamlessly, using the breath. This class teaches you how to synchronizing your breath with movement.

Power Flow: Utilizing the power of the breath to bring heat to the body and overcome challenging postures and positions. Power Flow is energetic and heated, encouraging you to work a little harder and test your strength and flexibility.

Vinyasa HIIT: Vinyasa High-Intensity Interval Training classes are endurance, strength, & balance testing sessions. In Vinyasa HIIT classes you will sculpt, tone, and amp up your heart rate and cardiovascular system.

Gentle Yoga “Slow Flow”: This class is for those who want to move slowly, focus on their breath, stretch it out & centre in. Move with your breath to improve your flexibility and mobility with this gentle flow.

Restore: Restore classes are all about relaxing. Most of your time will be spent on the mat indulging in deep stretches that leave you feeling rejuvenated and restored for your next yoga class.

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