Single Serve Blueberry Pancake

Craving pancakes but trying to stay healthy? Cut the pancake mix and create your own personal pancake using ingredients your body will thank you for! This recipe can be made using flour as a base OR protein powder…depending on what you are looking for. Ingredients (makes 1 large pancake):  4 tbsp spelt flour (I usedContinue reading “Single Serve Blueberry Pancake”

Blueberry Oat Protein Pancakes

Mix in a bowl: 1 banana, mashed 2/3 cup quick oats 1 heaping tsp of cinnamon 2 tbsp egg whites (or 1 egg) 1 scoop (10g) protein powder of choice (I used plain SunWarrior protein) and…as many blueberries as you desire 😉 Directions: 1. Mash up the banana. 2. Combine rest of ingredients in aContinue reading “Blueberry Oat Protein Pancakes”