Mexican Tortilla Bake (Gluten-Free)

Hello!!!! …. it’s me!!! I am back in Canada and back with my OVEN! WOOO! So of course I rushed into the kitchen to create some new recipes. Today’s creation was a Mexican casserole/lasagna type dish. I used Food For Life‘s gluten-free brown rice tortillas to make the layers. It is an easy filling dishContinue reading “Mexican Tortilla Bake (Gluten-Free)”

Coconut Almond Protein Bars

Ingredients (makes 8 small bars): 1/4 cup protein powder (I used Garden of Life’s raw vegan natural protein powder) 1/2 cup dates, mashed (in small container at 1 tbsp water microwave of 40 seconds to soften then mash). 1 cup oat flour 1 tbsp almond butter 1 tsp vanilla 1 tbsp coconut oil, melted 1/4Continue reading “Coconut Almond Protein Bars”

My Main Chicks: All About Chickpeas

MMMM chickpeas. Whether adding them to a salad, roasting them, or coating them in dark chocolate… they are by far my favourite of the legume family. They also go by the name ‘garbanzo beans’. So… what are they good for? Chickpeas are a great source of protein and fibre. Per 1/2 cup of chickpeas (canned) youContinue reading “My Main Chicks: All About Chickpeas”

Corn Salsa ft. Sriracha Sauce

Ingredients: 1 cup frozen corn niblets 1/2 cup black beans, rinsed & drained 1/2 large tomato, chopped/diced 1/2 large avocado, diced 2 green onions, chopped 2 tbsp fresh cilantro, chopped (or to taste) 2 tsp lemon juice 1/2 tsp cumin Pinch crushed ground pepper 1 tsp Sriracha Sauce ….add to taste- depending on how muchContinue reading “Corn Salsa ft. Sriracha Sauce”

Blueberry Coconut Breakfast Bars (Gluten-Free)

Preheat oven to 350F Mix and combine the following ingredients: 1 large banana, mashed 2 1/2 cups oats (I used Hilray Gluten-Free Oats) 1/3 cup almond milk, vanilla & unsweetened 1/4 cup honey 3/4 cup shredded coconut 2 tsp vanilla extract 2 tbsp almond butter 1 tbsp egg whites 1/4 tsp baking soda 1 cupContinue reading “Blueberry Coconut Breakfast Bars (Gluten-Free)”

Stuffed with the GOOD stuff! Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa & Ground Chicken

This is seriously one of my favourite dinners so far. A little fiesta in a “bowl”! The quinoa, beans, chickpeas, and ground chicken combination make for a  protein packed and filling meal. I promise you will be so satisfied! Additionally, if you are vegetarian you can make this recipe too. Remove the ground chicken andContinue reading “Stuffed with the GOOD stuff! Stuffed Peppers with Quinoa & Ground Chicken”

Blueberry Oat Protein Pancakes

Mix in a bowl: 1 banana, mashed 2/3 cup quick oats 1 heaping tsp of cinnamon 2 tbsp egg whites (or 1 egg) 1 scoop (10g) protein powder of choice (I used plain SunWarrior protein) and…as many blueberries as you desire 😉 Directions: 1. Mash up the banana. 2. Combine rest of ingredients in aContinue reading “Blueberry Oat Protein Pancakes”

Vegetable Bean Soup

Combine in a large pot: 1 carton (900mL) Vegetable or Chicken Broth 1 large can diced tomatoes (796mL) 1 red onion, chopped 1 white onion, chopped 1/2 large sweet potato, diced 1 large carrot, skinned & chopped 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1 can (540mL) kidney beans 1/2 cup mushrooms, chopped 1 tsp Italian seasoning 1/4Continue reading “Vegetable Bean Soup”

Tuxedo Strawberries

These strawberries are so easy and cute to make for a gathering. Directions: 1. After washing and preparing strawberries for dipping, dip strawberries in melted white chocolate first. Allow to cool/harden. 2. When white chocolate has hardened and cooled, dip each side in dark chocolate. 3. I made the tuxedo buttons with a store-bought brownContinue reading “Tuxedo Strawberries”

Spicy Cauliflower Bites

Ingredients: 1/2 large head of cauliflower 3 tbsp olive oil 1 garlic clove, crushed 1/2 tsp pepper flakes 2 tsp chili powder 1 tsp paprika Pinch of cayenne pepper 1 tsp lime juice Directions: 1. Preheat oven to 400F 2. Put olive oil in a bowl with a lid and add cauliflower. Put the lidContinue reading “Spicy Cauliflower Bites”